Alopecia Areata Awareness Week 2019 Recap

Alopecia Areata Awareness Week ran this year from November 9th to 17th. This week brings our community together to connect and support each other. It is also a chance to inform, educate and celebrate our differences.

The Variety Alopecia Areata Adventure Camp

This special week kicked off with our annual camp for kids with Alopecia Areata.
Kids from every state in Australia came to the Gold Coast for this amazing weekend. We held one day of thrilling adventures at Dreamworld Theme Park. Our second day featured self-confidence inspiring sports challenges at BLK Performance Centre.


This year was the third annual camp, and for many attendees, it was exciting to catch up with old friends. For others, this adventure was brand-new. It was amazing to see this group of kids connect and make friends.

If you missed the camp this year and want to know about future events like this, make sure you’re registered with AAAF!



#EmbraceAlopecia Frame

This year we ran a special Facebook Frame Campaign to celebrate the week. Friends and supporters on Facebook had the opportunity to add a special frame to their profile picture. This showed their support for all people living with this condition. The frame helped to champion awareness of Alopecia Areata to the friends and family of all who took part.

We also used the frame design to capture pictures at the camp. You’ll probably be seeing this again so stay tuned.

Are you following the AAAF Facebook Page? That’s where we post our most current information, so don’t miss out!



We held so many community events this week! Our volunteer team have been incredibly busy organising all our events. From alo-pizza dinners, to bold bald brunches, to picnics in the park, to ladies nights – we’ve had something for everyone. If you missed these, don’t worry. Many of our Alopecia Support Groups have upcoming events with more on the way. You can view our calendar here.

Alopecia support events

Crazy Hair Day

The Friday of Alopecia Areata Awareness Week is a very special day. Crazy Hair Day is a chance for schools or community groups to raise awareness and funds for Alopecia Areata.

It’s super easy to get involved. Awareness and understanding of Alopecia Areata help reduce stigma and bullying. Crazy Hair Day is a fantastic way to support young people living with this condition.

Thanks so much to all the schools and communities who took part! If you’d like to know how to run a Crazy Hair Day, check out our latest newsletter for a guide.

Crazy hair day alopecia schools.png

How did you celebrate Alopecia Areata Awareness Week? What kind of events or programs would you like to see in 2020 for our 10th anniversary? Leave a comment to let us know!

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