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Love, Alopecia is by alopecians, for alopecians. It’s a one stop shop of advice, information, rants, raves, opinions and stories about what makes us, us.

We’re all about approaching alopecia as an identity, not a disorder to be overcome.

There are many alopecia blogs out there already, but a lot are focused solely on treatments, coverage, or feelings of isolation and loneliness. We believe there is a lot more to having alopecia that that. We want Love, Alopecia to be alopecia focused in a holistic way, and as a lens to explore other issues, dealing with general health and wellbeing, wider disability and body positive activism, society and media concerns. We want to create a space which is positive, unique and progressive.

We want to build a community based on support, sharing, and not a small amount of sass. Everyone is welcome! Feel free to take a browse around our posts, join the conversation in the comments, or hit us up if you’d like to join our mighty ranks of guest writers.

Love, Alopecia has been developed and supported by the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc. (www.aaaf.org.au).

For information about Alopecia Areata, click here.

For information about alopecia support services in Australia, click here.



All opinions and views expressed in this blog are solely those of the original authors and individual contributors. These opinions and views do not necessarily represent those of AAAF or of any contributors to this site.


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