Alopecia Tips – Handling Comments (For Kids)

People making comments about your hair can be difficult. Sometimes, people can say unkind things by accident. They might not mean to hurt your feelings, but they don’t know any better. Sometimes, people can be deliberately mean, rude, or unkind.

So if someone says something about your alopecia, how can you handle it?

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My Alopecia Journey – Sarah’s Story

April 2019

Sarah Chiodo (1)Hi. My name is Sarah. I am 6 years old. Last year, when I started school, my Mum and Dad noticed a small patch of hair missing on the top of my head. I thought maybe I had knocked it on the Monkey Bars because I play on the Monkey Bars at school all the time. A couple of months later, another patch appeared near the first one so we went to the doctors to get them checked out. That’s when I was sent to see a dermatologist and I was told I had Alopecia Areata.

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