Young Kids and Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata can occur at any age. Did you know that it most often first presents during childhood?

Alopecia Areata is a complex condition. A lot of resources about it are very medical and difficult to understand. For very young kids and families supporting them, this can be a challenge. We’ve collected some of our best resources for helping young kids to understand alopecia. These resources can be helpful if a child has alopecia themselves, or if they have family or friends living with the condition.

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My Alopecia Story – Abbie

Abbie Matthews (4)April 2019

Hi, my name is Abbie and I was diagnosed with Alopecia when I was five. When I was six, I lost all the hair on my head and body.  I started dancing when I was four with Miss Caroline. I love dancing because it makes me happy. At our end of year concert last year, I danced in Hip hop and Jazz. I love moving to music and I dance whenever I hear music.

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9 Alopecia Instagrammers You Need To Follow

Social media has helped to bring alopecia awareness to the internet. The online alopecia community is such an amazing resource for anyone wanting to feel uplifted, informed, supported and connected to thousands of other people out there with alopecia.

We wanted to celebrate that community by sharing with you some of our favourite people championing alopecia on Instagram! There are so many amazing people out there making amazing content – we couldn’t possibly fit them all into one blog post! Is there someone you’re loving in the online world of alopecia who we haven’t listed here? Don’t be shy – drop us a comment so we can check them out!

(Oh, and you can also find us on insta right here at @alopeciaaaaf!)

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