Lilly’s Update.

My last six months have seen a lot of changes. Firstly, my parents made the decision to move interstate. While I was finishing year 8 at boarding school, Mum and Dad made the big move from Nhulunbuy, NT (our home for nearly 11 years) to our new place. At first, I was surprised and a bit devastated about the move, I feared having to start at a new school (being a new student again), and I was nervous about starting at a new swimming club and not being able to say goodbye to all my friends.

After arriving, I joined the local swimming club and instantly fitted in. I made great new friends and worked hard at training over the January holidays. I have been training six times a week as well as one land session. I love my new club, my Coach Theo and my teammates. It is because of the hard training that I was able to accomplish some great new personal best times at the recent 2023 Swimming Championships. For the 14-year-old girls, I came 2nd in the 200m Freestyle and took -4.58 off my PB, I came 4th in the 200m Backstroke and took -5.34 off my time. I also got 5th in the 100m Backstroke and 6th in the 100m Freestyle. I have also competed in my first Aquathon which is an ocean swim followed by a run component. I really enjoyed the challenge of swimming in the ocean and look forward to doing it again at the end of April in Bundaberg. I would definitely say that one of my highlights for 2022 was the AAAF Camp. This was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. I met some great friends that I am still in contact with and cannot wait to see them again soon.

It has been a whirlwind this past year but it has made me understand myself better, more resilient and brave to have a go at everything. I will continue to swim and compete, I will continue to try new things and I will continue to be proud that I have Alopecia. It has been amazing to have this opportunity and would like to say a HUGE thank you to AAAF for your support.


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