Jesse’s Milestone Update.

Hey everyone, just checking in for one of my last milestones to let you all know how life has been for me on my journey with Alopecia Universalis. Since the last time I checked in, I have started on immuno-suppressant therapy but I was already on a non-stimulant ADHD medication that has low blood pressure as a side effect. I had to play around with the dosage with the dermatologist at Perth Children’s Hospital. We eventually decided to try a half dose as a full dose was making me feel very weak & dizzy. Mum was having to take my blood pressure multiple times a day to make sure I was within a safe range. The only downside to halving the dose was that the dermatologist thought it might slow down the progress of any hair growth and they seem to be right as I’ve had no visible hair regrowth other than a 1mm fuzz you can see under a microscope, though a few blonde eyelashes grew on one of my eyelids…shame it wasn’t both. Still have no eyebrows or body hair but am going to try upping the dose to a full tablet over the April school holidays when Mum can monitor me more as it is a bit hard when I’m at school.

On a very exciting and positive note, after many painstaking years where I wanted to give up repeatedly, I finally attained my last 2 tags necessary in order to grade for my black belt at TaeKwonDo and that is happening at the end of this month so I will be sharing pics and video of that once it happens. I really want to thank AAAF for the support and sponsorship that has made my journey to black belt a reality and honestly, I couldn’t wish for a better ending to my sponsorship period as I approach the last quarter.

My journey with alopecia has been a lot like my journey with martial arts, finally getting to try a medication that has given many people hope and success is in essence a parallel with achieving every stage leading up to my black belt…the finish line is so close, I can hardly believe I’m actually at this point. It has taught me a lot about life in general and perseverance. I’ve watched my younger brother go through the fashion trend of getting a mullet to fit in at school and I still shake my head and wonder how these kids can take their hair for granted so much that they deliberately go out and pay for one of the least appealing hairstyles known in history, second only to a skullet or Edgar…look them up if you’re unsure, ha, ha. I actually love my brother deep down, way deep down.

I have come out of my shell so to speak in that I also started an outdoor phys ed class at school and every Monday before school our class goes to the beach and snorkels or goes bodyboarding…something I had never done before nor wanted to expose myself to as it meant the likelihood of someone seeing me without my hat, but I have actually loved every minute of it and ask Mum to take me to the beach on weekends, something I never thought my alopecia would “let” me do. Each week, I’m mindful of the person I’m developing into and the headway I’ve made (if you’ll pardon the pun.)


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