Michael – My Alopecia Story

It all started in May 2015 and I was 4 years old – that was when I had my last haircut. No, I don’t have super long hair that I can sit on, I have alopecia which means I have no hair, no eyebrows and no eyelashes.

Mum and Dad tell me that just before my 1st birthday all my honey-blond hair fell out in less than 2 weeks. It grew back, sort of, and I had patchy brown hair for a few years and my first haircut when I was 2 and a half which was kind of a big deal. Then when I was 4 my head was shaved, and my hair never grew back.

There are a few things that you can’t do with alopecia. Firstly you can’t get knots in your hair, you can’t get head lice (and those egg things) and you won’t get shampoo in your eyes.

Alopecia doesn’t stop me from doing anything that my mates do. I enjoy school, reading, swimming, guitar and of course tennis. My team won the premiership last season, so now we’re in a higher division playing more skilled kids. The rest of the team wears a hat depending on the weather – I wear a hat most weeks, and in summer I change my hat halfway because I get sweaty.

Did I mention that I have a collection of hats and beanies – one for every occasion.

I want other kids to know that alopecia doesn’t stop you from doing anything.

Please don’t take my hat – hiding hats from someone with alopecia isn’t a game. And if you see me taking my hat off at tennis, don’t worry you can’t catch alopecia but it won’t stop me from giving my all on the tennis court.


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