Bianca’s Update.

I am loving my reformer Pilates classes I have through my sponsorship. I go to 3 classes per week. Strength, Athletic and Cardio.  I usually go in the morning so to set the intention for the day so I feel good. I have never felt so fit, strong and healthy in my life. I have never been so interested in exercise before I found reformer Pilates and so glad I did. I also participated in a hot mat Pilates class, it was a lot more challenging than the reformer, I think I will take some more of those classes but maybe only once per week.

I love how in the 45 mins of the class I am focusing on my health and nothing else. With the steroids treatment my hair is growing back which I am really pleased about. I am starting to come off the medication and looks like I might be coming into remission. I do have a small few patches left but we are going to inject them with the steroids too. I think seeing a naturopath has helped me immensely while being on the steroids for so long.


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