Michelle Law’s Update.

Being able to ride a horse with confidence has always been a dream of mine, and I’m excited to say that I’m well on my way there thanks to the riding lessons I’ve been undertaking during my sponsorship

Beyond riding skills, I’ve also learnt how to saddle and care for horses, and build relationships with certain horses at the equestrian club. I’ve grown particularly fond of a horse named Billy. He’s a fairly lazy and grumpy fellow most of the time, but we’ve developed a rapport that has led to him actually trotting and undertaking real workouts! Building that relationship has been incredibly rewarding. Horses are such emotional and sensitive creatures and it’s a special feeling when a horse grows to trust and respect you.  

Over the course of my lessons, I’ve found myself becoming more physically and mentally strong. On a physical level, I think I greatly underestimated how taxing horse riding can be. One of my instructors is constantly reminding me that horse riding is an extreme sport, just like BMX riding. Another has compared it to playing the drums, as it requires a great deal of concentration and coordination – with each arm and leg doing a different job. As someone who has done neither before, it’s been a steep learning curve! I’ve also noticed that my general fitness has improved, and I’ve been making more frequent trips to the gym to build my endurance.  

Mentally, I’ve learnt a lot more about my own strength and fortitude. About a month ago, I had a hiccup during one of my lessons where I fell off my horse and sustained a mild concussion. However, I’ve recently – and literally – gotten back on the horse and I haven’t looked back since. The injury was a temporary knock to my confidence, but in returning to lessons I’ve learnt to trust myself and my own capabilities. I’ve been reminded that during periods of uncertainty, I have a great deal of bravery, which is something I developed when I was first diagnosed with alopecia as a teenager.  

It’s been amazing seeing the life skills that I developed as an adolescent continuing to help me overcome challenges as an adult. And I’m really looking forward to seeing where the rest of my sponsorship takes me.


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