How Sheridan overcame anxiety and low self-confidence and now uses her Alopecia as fuel for her life’s purpose

She is a certified yoga therapist, meditation facilitator, an empowerment coach and a member of our AAAF community!

She has worked with many women with Alopecia Areata to help them navigate the ups and downs of the journey, come into radical self-acceptance and cultivate more self-love and confidence.

She has come a long way since losing her hair at the age of 7, to struggling with anxiety and body image issues, to becoming a leader in the Alopecia community who helps others move through the experience in an empowered way.

She passes on her wisdom to those who may need support in navigating the journey in her 3-part video series on YouTube.

How it started: My Alopecia Story. Part 1 Growing up with Alopecia

Sheridan shares the experience of losing her hair at a young age – from noticing the first bald patch, to trying different treatments, to buying her first wig.

Alopecia Success Story – Alopecia as an Adult

She talks about the journey of coming into adulthood with Alopecia and how to navigate things like the workplace and romantic relationships. She also shares what helped her on her path to accepting uncertainty and cultivating self-love and self-acceptance.

My Alopecia Story: Part 3 – How I got here

Sheridan uncovers the key practice that has helped her to accept her Alopecia, love herself no matter what, and feel confident in her skin.

Check out all 3 of Sheridan’s videos below to hear the entire story!


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