“I was able to box my problems away.” Alessandro’s Alopecia Story

What is Alopecia?

Well it is something that I never knew about until 2019.

After my Nonno passed away my mum was hugging me and noticed a bald patch at the back of my head after I had a haircut. She thought that the hairdresser couldn’t cut hair and we didn’t think anything of it. A few weeks later, my parents noticed another small patch on my head.

So, my mum and I went to a doctor. The doctor said there was nothing to worry about and gave me an ointment. It was working for a bit then more bald patches started to appear. We decided to go to a dermatologist who prescribed new medication which did nothing except make me look real fat.

My mum found a group on Facebook and we discovered that I wasn’t alone. We found another doctor who put us on another medicine but it was ruining my liver so I was told to stop it. My Nonna always prayed and we decided to stop taking any medicines.

Every day I lost more and more hair. My mum got some natural medicines which made small hairs grow. I was bald and it was really tough. But I was a little lucky because we were in lockdown so I didn’t have to see anyone. I always wore my beanie and even when it was really hot I couldn’t take it off. It was like my security blanket. I felt everyone was looking at me and it made me feel really sad. I had some really good friends when we came out of lockdown but it was hard. I decided to let people know about alopecia and my primary school did an Alopecia Day where I made a presentation to show the school. It was hard but it meant people knew exactly what was happening to me. 

We stopped all medication but I wanted to see if my hair would grow back and my mum found a new doctor. She recommended a new medicine but I didn’t have any hope. However, a few months later I had patches of hair growing and my eyebrows grew back. I started high school this year and I found out there was another boy that has alopecia too. When I talk to people, it surprises us as they all know someone that has alopecia. My doctor told me that even though my hair has grown back I still have alopecia.

It was tough but what got me through was doing boxing.

We had to stop it but now that I have the sponsorship from AAAF I will be able to continue training and doing boxing sessions with Brooklyn Fitness Club. This has given me confidence and allowed me to box my troubles away. I also have more confidence in talking to people about alopecia and I think it is because I went to the AAAF camp and met people who are like me.

The support I have received from AAAF has been great and I cant wait for the camp this year.

Then we went to a new doctor, and he said to stop all medicine to see if any of my hair will grow back, some small hairs came back. We changed doctors again and she recommended a medicine that has an 80% of your hair growing back. A few months later in January 2022, my hair was fully restored.

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