Kate’s Alopecia Story

I was thrilled to be included in the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) sponsorship program and I have made huge progress towards reaching my goals this year. The winter campdraft carnival saw just one event held before the cold, wet weather set in. At Bundarra Campdraft in the New England region of NSW, I took home first place in the ladies campdraft on board my stallion Roys Niner. It was a convincing win and I couldn’t be more proud to ride such a beautiful horse. Taking out the win means that Roy is now a Novice campdraft horse and we can compete in Novice and Open campdrafts. I also gained points towards the end of year National Finals pointscore for the Australian Bushmans Campdraft & Rodeo Association (ABCRA). My other horses Angel & Evie also had great runs, qualifying for the finals in their events. The only missed out on a place by a few points. I am very proud of them, especially my young mare Angel. 

Soon after we headed to Scone, NSW to compete at the Australian Reined Cowhorse Association (ARCHA) Hackermore Spectacular. I was riding the stallion Roys Niner in the Non-Pro Cowhorse. We had a fabulous weekend making the finals in all events and coming home with several placings. It was our first official cow horse show and we are hooked! The sport is primarily American, however there are new, emerging affiliate clubs hosting events all over Australia. It’s a great sport and really showcases our cattlemen (and women!) skills handling a horse and beast (another name for a cow). Everyone thinks the stallion Roy is just SO handsome and we make new friends wherever we go! Sometimes people ask me about my alopecia out of curiosity. Otherwise, you generally can’t tell because I always wear a cowboy hat or riding helmet. Sometimes people will tell me their young family member or friend has alopecia. I think I have a list of kids that want to meet me and get a photo with me! Its crazy! That’s one of the reasons why I don’t wear a wig – I think if a child or teenager sees me confidently walking around with my little bald head, maybe I can inspire them to do the same!? 

Its spring time here which means breeding season is well underway. We are getting a few mares to our beautiful stallion Roys Niner. He certainly knows its breeding season and he would rather be checking on his mares than training with me! He is very sassy and full of himself. After breeding season he will go back into training and we are aiming to go to a few local campdrafts in October and the ARCHA National Finals in Scone in November. I will use my sponsorship to pay for entry fees, for which I am so grateful. It means I can afford to get to more events and travel further, hopefully collecting points for the end of year National standings. 

We are looking forward to events getting underway again in spring. In the meantime I will continue doing lessons with my cow horse trainer Tony Ernst in Tamworth. Training with Tony has really paid dividends and my horses have been going better than ever and I am gaining confidence as a trainer and competitor.   

Thankyou very much to the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) for your support, I am honoured to be involved in the sponsorship program. 

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