2021 Sponsorship Program – AAAF and alopecia awareness ideas

Did you know AAAF has a sponsorship program? Receive up to $4,000 to go towards skill development or participation in activities/hobbies. For more information check our website.

As part of the 2021 sponsorship program successful applicants are required to create awareness for alopecia and AAAF. 

In the application process you will be prompted to share your ideas on how you can help create awareness. It’s important that you provide as much detail as possible to strengthen your application and we also encourage you to be creative with your answer to stand out. 

It can be tricky coming up with ideas so we’ve rounded up some examples from previous sponsorship winners. 

Bronze Sponsorship

Six-year-old Sarah received a bronze sponsorship that went towards hers fees for her Acrobatic Gymnastics. Sarah created awareness by wearing the AAAF logo on training gear, posting on social media and sharing pamphlets about alopecia around the gymnastics school.

Read Sarah’s story here.

Silver Sponsorship

Abbey was sponsored in athletics through the AAAF Sponsorship Program. Abbey included in her application that she would create regular blogs and videos for AAAF aimed at young teenage girls.

Read Abbey’s story here.

Gold Sponsorship

Kerry received a gold sponsorship which was used for her exhibition at Griffith Regional Theatre. Her artwork was inspired by her experience with alopecia. The AAAF logo was included in all advertising and Kerry donated to of the artworks to AAAF.

Read Kerri’s story here.

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