Summer Reading List from Love, Alopecia

Summer is here. Can you hear it? It’s the sound of a deckchair, hammock or cozy couch calling your name. All you need it some ice tea and a good book.

This reading list isn’t about the newest releases or best sellers, but a collection of books which speak to us and share something meaningful about the experience of alopecia.

Do you have a book that helped you on your hair loss journey? Share it in the comments!


Matt Lucas: Little Me – A Life from A-Z
Find it here
Actor and comedian Matt Lucas is best known for his roles in Little Britain, Doctor Who, and Tim Burton’s Alive in Wonderland. This A to Z autobiography includes the chapter “B is for Baldy” which talks about Matt’s experiences with alopecia and school bullying.

Brene Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection
Find it here
Brene is a master researcher and storyteller with a passion for connection, empathy and showing up as our genuine selves. All her work could be on this list, but her early project The Gifts of Imperfection is one of my favourites. If you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism, anxiety, imposter syndrome and the pressures to get it right and do it right, this book is for you.

Deanne Callis Graham: Head On – Stories of Alopecia
Find it here
This collection of personal narratives and stunning photography follows the courageous journeys of over 75 people sharing their stories of alopecia. Featured stories come from all over the world, including some amazing Aussies. This collection showcases the beauty and strength of this condition, and makes a gorgeous coffee-table book.

Carly Findlay: Say Hello
Find it here
Appearance activist and writer Carly Findlay lives with a rare skin condition, Ichthyosis. This memoir about living with a visibly different appearance shares what Carly faces every day, and what she has to live with and a proud manifesto on disability and appearance diversity issues which many people with Alopecia may relate to.

Edited by Fiona Scott-Norman: Bully For Them – Outstanding Australians on Hard Lessons Learned at School
Find it here
“If school is a battlefield, this book is your ammunition.” Twenty-two of Australia’s most talented and successful people, including Missy Higgins, Adam Goodes, Penny Wong, and Benjamin Law, share their stories of bullying and triumph. A cathartic and moving read for all who had a tough time at school.


Sue Hamilton: The Waterhouse Girl
Find it here
Read our long-form review and interview with the author here
Sue Hampton knows first hand what it is like to lose her hair. The Waterhouse Girl is the story of Daisy Waterhouse and the emotional upheavals and triumph as she learns about Alopecia, self-image, fitting in and standing out.

Alopecia UK: My Mum/First Day Booklets
Find it here
Our friends at Alopecia UK created a wonderful set of children’s books about living with alopecia. The First Day books share the story of a first day at school for someone with alopecia. There are different books for boys and girls, which total hair loss or with patches. The My Mum book is a beautiful little story about a child whose mum has alopecia. These are amazingly illustrated and appropriate for very young kids. AAAF have them available on the e-store with free shipping Australia wide.

Max Muller: Good Feathers
Find it here
Read more about Max’s journey here
Good Feathers is a comic book by a young Aussie artist with Alopecia. Max developed this comic as part of an art sponsorship program run by AAAF in 2019 and early 2020. Good Feathers tells the story of a young penguin named Kurt who loses his feathers through alopecia. This comic is available via the AAAF e-store with free shipping Australia wide.

Let us know your favourite books or recommendations for other books we should check out!

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