A letter to my alopecia family

Submitted by Siarrah – You can read more about Siarrah’s journey with Alopecia Areata here.

My Alopecia journey in the last year:

Through the AAAF sponsorship program I set myself a goal to create awareness within my netball community.

I forget that I’m wearing a bandana; I forget that others might wonder why.

With the sponsorship program I found myself committed to creating awareness.

I started the year with introducing our new netball polo shirts with the Alopecia logo on sleeve.

My Coastal Netball club made a banner with the Alopecia logo included.

The Alopecia logo was printed on all our teams’ sports bags.

Our MVP certificate included the logo and information about my condition. This award was presented at the end of every game to the Most Valuable Player on the opposing team.

I have come a long way with accepting my condition and do believe I am unique, I was born to stand out for a reason, I no longer stay in the shadows. My personality isn’t as loud as some, I am the shy quiet achiever however I am finding my voice slowly but surely. I’m not the girl who just wears a bandana and no one knows why; I’m Siarrah and have Alopecia.

I found sharing my story this year was possible due to the AAAF sponsorship program. I made a commitment not only to the sponsorship but to myself. The support I received from parents and players was encouraging and understanding.

Yes I have Alopecia, my wig is a beautiful fashion piece however my bandana is my emotional safety piece. Will I ever walk proud Bald, I’m really not sure, however the program has given me the courage to share my condition and create the awareness.

Mum has always been the one to create awareness, Sharing my story in local newspapers, organising crazy hat days at my primary school. Now it’s my time to use my voice and share with others about Alopecia.

The next year is looking busy. I will continue to share my story and create awareness.

Thank you for reading,



In Oct 2020, Siarrah’s school hosted a very special fundraising event that raised awareness for two special causes. An amazing group of senior students organised a hair donation event. The donated pony tails have been sent to AAAF to become Wigs for Kids and funds were raised for a cancer charity. It’s always so amazing when our community are able to support multiple amazing causes like this.

Siarrah shared a speech about Alopecia, and was able to use this event to raise awareness of this condition in her community. You can check out the video of the event below.

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