Art and Alopecia

Creative practices like art, music, writing and dance have long been known to help support mental health. Arts therapy is a recognized practice with many potential benefits, known to help with communication, self-image, personal development and coping skills.

Throughout the challenges 2020, we’ve seen how arts and creative practices have been very helpful for individuals and families. A range of creative practices have seen a swell in popularity, from mindful colouring, paint-by-numbers for adults and learning viral online dances. Art, dance and music can be great learning tools for young kids and an opportunity for self-expression or exploring emotions for teens and adults.

There are a number of known benefits to creativity and arts practices. Visual arts can be an effective tool for those wishing to practice mindfulness. Creative writing, including creative non-fiction, can be a way to explore important aspects of our lives. Dance and music can have a huge benefits for our bodies and our brains, reducing stress, improving coordination and even help with brain development. Creative practices can help us be kinder to ourselves, and can give an important way to connect with our communities and make friends.

For people with Alopecia Areata, creative practices can be a very important tool in coping with this condition.

Art, writing, dance and music can be important ways to process the experiences of Alopecia Areata. Many of the personal stories shared here on Love Alopecia have are creative works created by individuals with Alopecia Areata to tell their personal story in their own words.

For many people already involved in a creative practice or hobby, staying involved in their art can be really helpful to managing their journey with alopecia. Staying active in your interests can help keep you connected to social supports, and can be an important part of self-identity during times of change.

AAAF are working on a creative project collecting alopecia-related art and writing. We’re looking for artists, writers or other creatives to share their art with us. This resource will be used to support young people and adults struggling with hair loss.

To find out more, or to get involved, click here.


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