My Alopecia Story – Abbie

Abbie Matthews (4)April 2019

Hi, my name is Abbie and I was diagnosed with Alopecia when I was five. When I was six, I lost all the hair on my head and body.  I started dancing when I was four with Miss Caroline. I love dancing because it makes me happy. At our end of year concert last year, I danced in Hip hop and Jazz. I love moving to music and I dance whenever I hear music.

My new dance school is called The Performance Company. I started there this year and I do Tap and Jazz dancing. I love all kinds of dancing but if I wasn’t dancing, I would play soccer.

This year I have done a dance troupe competition which I really enjoyed I love being on the stage and my alopecia doesn’t stop me. The photos are of me in my dance troupe costume we danced to the song Born to be Wild.

My Alopecia scholarship means a lot to me as I can continue dancing and doing troupe competitions. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to dance as much as I can. My dance school will be doing crazy hair day to raise funds for the AAAF, and I love getting my head painted for these events. I have attended 2 Alopecia events and really enjoyed meeting different people who are in the WA Alopecia support group.

Abbie Matthews (1)

My sister, Lucy, and my Mum and Dad enjoy watching me dance. My sister, Lucy is even growing her hair long enough to cut off and donate. All my family will come and watch my big end of year concert. I am really looking forward to the end of year concert and would like to thank the AAAF scholarship for making this all possible.

September 2019

Abbie here, with my update from my scholarship. I have competed in three dance competitions since I started my scholarship! My jazz troupe has won first place in two competitions. You can see the trophy in one of the photos.

My tap troupe came third and fourth place. We dressed up as chickens for our tap troupe

I love competition days as I get to wear makeup and perform on stage in front of my family. My great grandmother who is 98 years old and my family came to my tap competition.

Dancing makes me feel excited and I feel happy and positive when I am on the dance stage. I look forward to dancing every Saturday.

Thankyou AAAF for this opportunity – I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. We have done Crazy Hair Day at my dancing school TPC to raise awareness of Alopecia which was so much fun. My dancing school, The Performance Company, have been so supportive of me all my friends got behind Crazy Hair Day for International Alopecia day.  We raised money which we will donate the money to the AAAF. My mum painted my head with silver glitter and aloe vera gel she then painted TPC ( The Performance Company) on my head.

I also like to play soccer and my soccer club did a Crazy Hair Day. The boys at soccer didn’t get into it as much as the girls at dancing.

On this same day, we went to the AAAF Alopizza event in Perth. This is the second year we have been to this event and really enjoy catching up with friends at this event. Thanks to everyone for your support! I love to perform and promote that Alopecia does not stop me doing anything I want to do.


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  1. You are an amazing girl Abbie, and I know your family are all so proud of you. Your enthusiasm helps to inspire others as well. Thanks for being a little champion in the alopecia community and so glad you have done something so meaningful with your sponsorship.


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