Alopecia Travel Tips

Whether you’re hitting the snowy slopes or heading north to escape the winter chill, this time of year is amazing for travel. But travelling with Alopecia Areata can have some new complications and considerations.

We reached out to our Alopecia Support Groups for their best travel tips and advice to create this infographic. We had some amazing ideas and suggestions, and some stories of travel successes and challenges.

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Alopecia Travel Tips (1)


V: “I’m almost at the end of 2 months of travel. In the first week, I carefully put my topper in a t-shirt until I found the net. My man kindly put said t-shirt in the washing machine. Totally destroyed of course! Lesson leant: keep wigs away from “helpful” assistants!”

C: “If you’re travelling with a wig in cold places, don’t forget to moisturize your head to prevent irritation!”

H: “I travel with antibacterial wipes and rubbing alcohol spray in a travel spray bottle to clean out the inside of my suction cap wig, my wig head & stand that can be fitted to any surface in a hotel room. Silk pillowcases are a good idea for those who may need to sleep in their wigs to avoid harsh rubbing & breakage of hair.”

L: “My tip because l wear synthetic wigs (and love them) is in any hot weather, cut a circle in a cotton hanky, wet it with cold water& place it on your head before your wig. I have lots of headaches so the relief is magic. Pop to the bathroom often & wet your hanky again – wow. Also saves washing your wig so often. Hope this works for you also! Happy travel!”

K: “1. Bring all your wigs in a carry-on. I have a makeup bag to store my wigs in compartments, in their hairnets
2. Travel with mini hair care products- buy those little bottle packs and empty your products into those. Don’t forget to label them!
3. Bring a few wig caps (who has time to wash on holidays!)
4. Bring some collapsible wig stands to take out your wigs when you arrive at your destination
5. If it’s summertime where you are going… decide not to wear a single one because it’s too hot
6. Buy a straw hat and apply plenty of sunscreen- or if it’s a colder destination; wear a warm beanie”

P: “From a travel industry professional, self-processing gates through customs, on most occasions, use facial recognition and doesn’t take into account your hair. It’s measuring the points of your face. Imagine a triangle between from your ears, across your nose down to your chin. So, in theory, if you are wearing a wig in your passport photo and not when you go through immigration or vise-versa, it usually shouldn’t be much of an issue. If by chance you are too young to use the machines or are asked to see an officer, the same should apply. A simple explanation should suffice if questions are asked. If they asked to remove your hat etc it’s so they can see your face (and so the camera can to).”

M: “I always add my wig extra to my travel insurance- costs a bit extra but the value of my wig is much higher than the total usually covered. I also travel with a letter from my doctor stating it’s a medical appliance, as I carry mine in my carry on luggage it’s a way to ensure the airline doesn’t force me to check my carry on in if the flight is full.”

N: “Take a hat or scarf to prevent your head from getting burnt. Also, use sunscreen but be aware that if it’s very hot you may sweat it off. You can be prepared by taking a small face towel around in your handbag to dab the sweat and prevent sunscreen from going into your eyes – especially helpful if you don’t have brows or lashes!”


Do you have travel tips or stories you’d love to share? Let us know in the comments!

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