How to Alopecia – Coping with loss of brows, lashes and facial hair

Many people with Alopecia Areata find losing brows, lashes and other facial hair is a very difficult adjustment. As well as changes to appearance, facial hair like brows, lashes and even nasal hair has really important functions that many of us aren’t aware of. So when we lose this hair, we can have some unexpected challenges.

Without brows, how do you keep sweat from dripping into your eyes while exercising?

Without lashes, how do you protect your eyes from dust, grit and pollen?

Without nasal hair, how can you cope with a cold, flu or hay fever?

We’ve put together this infographic with some of our top tips for life with limited facial hair.

Click here to view infographic in full size

brows, lashes, nasal hair

What kind of tips would you give to others adjusting to living without facial hair? Did you encounter any unexpected challenges living without brows, lashes or other facial hair? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How to Alopecia – Coping with loss of brows, lashes and facial hair

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  1. I live in the tropicas and find that even the loss of the ear hair a problem too. Also, unsure if its just me, but I get more irritation and itching when the hairs are gone. During the build up and wet season I have to keep a sweat rag with me to dab at sweat as a simple sweat band is just not enough


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