My Alopecia Story – Charlie

charlie-soccer-match-e1553213916982.jpgBy Charlie

I was diagnosed with alopecia in the winter of June 2016. It was funny because my parents didn’t realise anything was different about me and it was my friends at school that said ‘your eye brows are falling out’ and I went ‘what the’.  My mum then noticed that I had some patches and hair loss on my head.

It was a crazy time for a 10 year old boy not knowing what was going on and my mum was trying to work it all and we had many appointments and I mean many appointments.  My mum cried at the specialist’s appointment and I remember thinking, “alopecia sucks” but then I thought “I am going to own this alopecia”.

Through this strange journey, my mum became aware of the AAAF and I remember she told me she had spoken to Chel one day at work.  Chel gave up her time to talk to my mum and help her understand what was going on, especially as Chel’s own son has alopecia.

I first met Chel at the ‘Remove GST on Wigs’ demonstration at Federation Square in Melbourne.  It was winter and I remember it being very cold.  Chel decided to shave her hair off as a sign of awareness for the event and I thought how cold her head would be.

As I continue on my journey, I have met so many wonderful and out of this world kind people who have helped me with my alopecia.  I cannot name them all, but I can name a few: Dr Shamy Gunatheesan from Sinclair Dermatology, who always has so much time for me and is so kind and caring.  Nick Conquest, my man that does acupuncture on me. Sheryl Sivaj, my naturopath. And then there is Chel Campbell…..who became the person I chose as my role model for the school leadership program and transition activity into Grade 6 at school.

Charlie (1)So with that all said……my role model is Chel Campbell, the President of the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation because her passion, her energy and strength of never giving up and spreading the awareness of alopecia in our community.  She is a wonderful, kind and caring person, has a positive attitude and is not a selfish person but a selfless and encouraging woman.  That is why I chose Chel!



This article was submitted as part of our #HealthyAlopecia Blog Competition which ran throughout 2018. You can read about our #HealthyAlopecia Blog Competition by clicking here.

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