9 Alopecia Instagrammers You Need To Follow

Social media has helped to bring alopecia awareness to the internet. The online alopecia community is such an amazing resource for anyone wanting to feel uplifted, informed, supported and connected to thousands of other people out there with alopecia.

We wanted to celebrate that community by sharing with you some of our favourite people championing alopecia on Instagram! There are so many amazing people out there making amazing content – we couldn’t possibly fit them all into one blog post! Is there someone you’re loving in the online world of alopecia who we haven’t listed here? Don’t be shy – drop us a comment so we can check them out!

(Oh, and you can also find us on insta right here at @alopeciaaaaf!)

The B.A.L.D.I.E. Movement

Find them at @thebaldiemovement

(That’s “Beauty And Love Demonstrated in Everything”)

Positivity? Check
Inclusivity? Check

Inspiration posts featuring fellow gorgeous baldies? Tutorials for living your best baldie life? Community question time? Check, check, check!



Laura Hathaway

Find her at @laurahathawayifbbpro

Bodybuilder Laura Hathaway is an absolute vision of an alopecia warrior. We’ve been following her for a while now and are continually impressed by her dedication, drive and grace. She’s an absolute inspiration.


Find her at @joelle

Alopecia makeup, cats, star wars… what’s not to love?

Joelle is a gorgeous singer and an ambassador with our friends at AlopeciaUK. Which brings us to…

Alopecia UK

Find them at @alopeciauk

We love all our international friends and sister organisations. AUK has been instrumental in getting amazing kids books and resources for young people over to share with our community here in Australia.

There are alopecia support organisations all over the world – so don’t forget to check what might be going on in your country.

Kylie Bamberger

Find her at @kyliebamberger

Kylie is an amazing alopecian activitist and an absolute champion for body positivity and acceptance. Her work with the Children’s Alopecia Project has also been featured in many super adorable posts.

Joseph Gatt

Find him at @josephgattofficial

You may recognise this actor from such film and television shows as Thor, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones. Or… you may not, because he also does a lot of groundbreaking work in prosthetic makeup! You can see him in the live-action version of Disney’s Dumbo right now! Joseph is another amazing ambassador with the Children’s Alopecia Project.

Ryan Shazier

Find him at @shazier

Shazier is an American football linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In December 2017, Shazier’s spine was injured during a match and he was carried off the field unable to move his legs. In April 2018, Shazier walked into a stadium to a standing ovation. His recovery is ongoing, but it’s amazing to see the strength of this alopecian champion.

Sheridan Ruth

Find her at @_sheridanruth_

Full of positivity, self love and tips for finding confidence and acceptance. Sheridan focuses on helping the community feel more confident and embrace the journey of alopecia!

Honorary Mention: Hairy Escape

Find her at @hairyescape

Laura is most known for her absolutely amazing YouTube channel – which you can find here, but we love her so much we wanted to include a shout out anyway! Her discussions, humour and adorable accent are just too sweet not to include in this post. We definitely recommend her “11 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Alopecia” video!

Which alopecia adventurers are you loving on insta right now? Who should we be following? There are so many amazing people out there doing great things for the alopecia community – we can definitely see us needed to do a follow-up post and keep this list growing!


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