#Healthy Alopecia Blog Competition

As announced in our recent Alopecia Awareness Week, Love Alopeciais running a competition for 12 months in support of our theme for 2018, #HealthyAlopecia, starting December 2017.

We’re looking for your story on any aspect of health and wellness, ranging from mental health, physical activity, social engagement, what wellness means for you, or anything in between. In exchange for your story, you go into the draw to win up to $2000 towards a healthier you!

To apply, just follow these simple steps:

1. Provide your story! We are asking for at least 350 words and two images on any topic that relates to health and wellness.

You can write or speak about anything that relates to these topics and your alopecia journey. Choose a topic that interests you, like why people should get involved in a sport or activity you love, or how wellness has impacted your life and journey with alopecia, or what Healthy Alopecia means to you. Share stories from your time and experiences with sport, meditation, the workplace, etc. Get creative – It really is up to you. Your story must be original work – meaning it must have been written by you and not published anywhere else. If you’d prefer, you can create a video or share your story in other format.

2. Send your story to info@aaaf.org.au

Be sure to include your image files, and your full name, a contact phone number and email address, so that we can contact you if you win. We’d also like you to provide a short paragraph on how you would spend $2000 towards a healthier you. This should be about 100 words in total.

The funds in this competition can be used towards medical, naturopathic or psychological treatment/services/ work groups, sporting memberships, or Alopecia Areata associated items; such as wigs, SMP or cosmetic tattooing. Requests outside of this scope will need to be approved by AAAF.

3. Wait to hear if you are one of our lucky winners!

Every month, AAAF will draw a name on the final day of the month and will contact winners directly.

Terms and Conditions:

  • AAAF can not provide funds directly to individuals. We will coordinate with you and the good/service provider of your choice to provide funds directly to the business you are sourcing from.
  • No age limits apply – this offer is open to anyone living in Australia with any form of Alopecia Areata. Note that individuals under the age of 18 may require permission from a parent or guardian to take part.
  • Please note that submitting your story and photo indicates you give permission to AAAF to share them to our website and social media. Your full name will not be distributed.
    Your story or article must be an original piece and should not have been published anywhere prior to your entry in this competition.
  • Individuals may provide multiple articles to enter the competition multiple times. However, once an individual has been drawn as a winner, their name will be removed from subsequent draws.
  • Funds from this competition may be used towards items which improve the health of an individual. Any items outside of the scope outlined above will be considered at the discretion of AAAF but may not be approved.
  • AAAF have the right to exclude any entry or request additional information for the story to be included within the draw.




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