Introducing #HealthyAlopecia

In Alopecia Awareness Week 2016, we began our #EmbraceAlopecia campaign and theme for the year. We’re very proud of the response we’ve had to the campaign to Embrace Alopecia, especially the individuals in our community who came forward to share their stories and personal journeys, many of which can be found here on Love, Alopecia.

12 months later and we want to continue to build on the outstanding success of #EmbraceAlopecia and maintain our dedication to championing awareness and understanding of alopecia, promoting acceptance of appearance diversity and providing support to help individuals find self-confidence and happiness on their journey with this condition. To help us on this path, our theme for 2018 will be Healthy Alopecia.

The Healthy Alopecia theme will structure much of the programs, events and communications executed by AAAF and is to be all inclusive audience program. This campaign will focus on a broad range of health and wellbeing areas, including positive mindsets and mental health, physical excise, empowerment, diet and nutrition, healthy social connectedness and skills to support these areas.

We’re inviting you to take part in Healthy Alopecia too. #HealthyAlopecia

We have a massive event calendar lined up, with a huge range of events and activities in the works for all our state branches. If you’re not already registered with AAAF, now is the time to sign up for email updates when we have something happening in your area. You can find the registry on the AAAF website. Registering is completely free and only takes a few moments.

We also have a very exciting program developing right here at Love, Alopecia.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be offering up to $2,000 once a month towards a healthier you. All you have to do to be involved in this fantastic competition is write an article, at least 350 words in length with two images, on any topic that relates to wellness, health, or self-improvement. Share your story, tell us how you are improving your body or mind, explore what wellness means to you – anything you like. In addition, you’ll also need to provide at least 100 words on what Healthy Alopecia means to you and how you would use any winnings to support a healthier you. Funds won in this competition can go toward a wig to help support self-confidence, a gym membership to grow a stronger body, sessions with a mental health professional to build a resilient mind, and much more.  Your entry will then go into the draw, with a chance every month to be a winner.

This competition will be launching in December 2017, so be sure to register, or follow us here on the blog  on our facebook to be sure to stay up to date with the full terms and condition, as well as how you can enter to be part of the movement towards #HealthyAlopecia.

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