Power of the bald – Power of me.

This is a struggle for power around accepting this path we are on, and indeed it is a path, not a curse, not a karmic debt or victimization that separates us from others. I see it all as an untying of the knots, a blessing and a valuable lesson on this journey.

We are all born and move through life tying ourselves in knots. Knots are formed through expectations; conditionings, beliefs and they form knots of fear, insecurity, difference and anxiety. We succumb to false identities and ways of being that leave us measuring ourselves against false images of what we should and shouldn’t be.

The moment we leave our mothers womb, we are seeking as human beings a need to belong in the world around us.

We seek acceptance from our mother and fathers.
We seek acceptance from teachers and work colleagues.
We seek acceptance from friends and community groups.
We seek confirmation from anywhere and everywhere outside of ourselves to prove we are enough.

But often we fail to look within, to resonate with ourselves as to who we are. The power that comes from acceptance is the hand that unties these knots that bind us to this fear and self-doubt.

Cutting these ties and existing just as we are and only as we are in each and every moment is where we find power to exist just as we are.Not measuring up or comparing, but being damn well enough, to ourselves most of all!

We find power in who we are by showing up vulnerable and not attached to societies normality. We find power in not following a belief in how we should look through social media and visual representations of the perfect woman or man.

We change our feeds, we look beyond the superficial and we stand proud for the difference we bring to the world. We reach a point of acceptance for that person we see in the mirror when all we have known has been stripped away? We choose, and we choose powerfully, to be all we are in this moment and this day and we keep choosing! For in choice and the choosing we create what is acceptable, what is beauty, what is feminine or masculine and what is enough.

You look beyond the pain; you look beyond the discomfort of what you see. You sit in a place of complete vulnerability and you find comfort in the discomfort.

You slowly untie the knots that have bound you to how you should look and who you should be and you keep unraveling those restrictive knots that limit you in accepting yourself just as you are. You remember with hair or without hair you will find faults or ways you aren’t acceptable because that’s what humans do!

It may be weight, it may be hair, and it may be the size of your thighs or the sound of your voice or the shape of your eyes or the colour of your skin or the choices in lifestyle or the preference of your sexuality. At any given time you have choice to choose who you are for all you are, and all you aren’t, just as you are! No excuses, no exceptions, it’s a damn choice we all have the power of making. It’s a human ability we all possess in any moment – To choose to love ourselves for all we are and all we aren’t.

So to all of my fellow Alopecian beauties, I choose being bald, I choose being different. I like walking into a room full of people and feeling like I am not like everyone else, it means I have a story unlike everyone else’s. It means I am unique and vulnerable and I am okay in the uncomfortable of that and sometimes I’m not and that’s okay too.

It means for the most part I accept who I am in each and every moment and sometimes I’m just faking it till I make it, but I am choosing all of this, every moment and it is there I find the power. It is there I gain strength every time I choose to love me, bald and beautiful and uniquely different.

It is there in that moment that I stand proud for all I am and all I am not, striving and growing and loving me. It is in this power I find strength to become a better human being on this journey to be open and compassionate for every other human being struggling with who they are in this world.

So power to the bald, power to the unique, we all shape the beautiful world that our differences exist within.






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